Admar Mutt – Udupi

Admar Mutt is located in the South West corner of the car Street. The main branch of this Mutt is in the village known as Admar. Admar is a village in the Udupi district and is 21 Kms from Udupi.
Admar Mutt

The Acharya Madhva had gifted an idol of Kaliyamardana Krishna with four arms to Sri Narasimha (Narahari) Tirtha, the original swamiji of this Mutt. The idol depicts Lord Krishna with one leg on the serpent and with the other leg lifted up in a dancing pose. One hand is bent in a dancing pose and the other is holding the tail of the serpent. The other two hands are decorated with conch and the chakra.

Sri Madhvacharya Udupi

The present swamiji Sri Vibhudhesha Tirtha is the 29th pontiff in the lineage. He was initiated into the order in his 18th year 1945 AD, (parthiva samvatsara jyeeshtha bahula trtiiyaa).The swamiji has initiated his disciple Sri Vishvapriya Tirtha as his successor, who was initiated into the order in the age of 15 on 2nd June 1972.

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