Bengre Hoode Beach – Tonse

Every beach that runs along coastal Karnataka is beautiful. Even then, each one has its own distinctive character. The four beaches at Kemmannu are worth a mention because of the endless exploring opportunities that they have to offer for the tourists.
Bengre Hoode Beach

The town of Kemmannu is located about 17-20 kms to the North-West of Udupi. These beaches are coarse, rough and yet have a gracious feel to them. Naturally entrenched on the ridge line of river Swarna peninsula is a beach known as Adda Bengre. The rough sea is a surfing hot spot mainly during the monsoon season.

Bengre Hoode Beach Kemmannu

Other beaches, namely Hoode Bengre, Gujjerbettu and Kadke are generally calm and are apt for a lazy walk. Sightings of nearby islands – St. Mary’s islands – are magnificent. If you are up for it, you can even take a slow canoe ride to the Islands or explore the river.

The town of Kemmannu is not sparsely populated with their main occupation being agriculture or fishing. However with the growing reputation of these beaches, the last couple years have seen a growth in the tourists visits.

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