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At a distance of 400 meters from Yaganti Bus Stand and 100 meters from Uma Maheshwara Temple, Venkateswara Guha (cave) has a damaged idol of Lord Venkateswara. This is said to be the idol made by Sage Agastya in order to build Venkateswara temple at this place.Another story says that,

Kailash Temple, Ellora

Sunning Facts About Mysterious Kailash Temple of Ellora. The Kailash (कैलाश, Kailasa, Kailasha, Kailasanatha) temple is the unmatched structure in the world situated in Ellora. This is designed to recall Mount Kailash, the abode of Bhagwan Shiv – stands tall, enclosed within a big man made crater, surrounded by rock. It

Vibhooti Falls

Vibhooti Falls

Vibhooti falls gets this name from the lime stone rock found in the vicinity of this waterfall. The waterfall is surrounded by huge rocks and various limestone structures. Myths hold that Vibhooti fall is formed by the washing away of ashes from burning of Brsmasur.Vibhooti falls is situated amidst dense

Sri Somanatheshwara Cave temple, Nellitheertha

Sri Somanatheshwara Cave temple Nellitheertha

The Nellitheertha Somanatheshwara Cave temple is one of the holiest temples in South Kanara. It is a truly splendid temple appealing to both the spiritually oriented and the nature lovers. Whether to pray and ask for God’s blessings or just to enjoy the beauty of the cave, it’s worth a