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Haladi River – Haladi

Haladi or Halady is a quaint little town located in Kundapur taluk of Udupi district. The river that flows on the northern side of the village is River Haladi, also goes by the name River Varahi. According to the legends, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu is Varaha; and

Sita River – Hebri

Sitanadi or the Sita river has gained quite a good name for its rafting activities in the previous decade.This wildly flowing river offers great potential for white water rafting.With a course of more than 60 kilometers before finally meeting the Arabian Sea, Sita river is a rough ride, especially during

Sasthana Kodi River – Kodi

Sasthana village,Kodi is known for the serene backwaters of the rivers in and around the area. The backwaters formed mainly by River Sita and river Kodi are scenic places to explore by local country boats.   Sandwiched between Sita river and Arabian Sea, the village of Sasthana opens out to a pleasing