Kalakaleshwara Temple, Gajendragad

District: Gadag



Kalakeshwara Temple – Overview

The Kalakeshwara temple is situated at Gajendragad and the principal deity worshipped here is Lord Shiva. The Kalakeshwara temple is also referred to as the Kashi of the South or Dakshina Kashi. Lord Shiva is the embodiment of the universal forces and is worshipped here in the Kalakeshwara form.

Kalakeshwara Temple – History

The town of Gajendragad is situated in the midst of hills and mountains. You’ll have to climb many steps to reach the Kalakeshwara temple. The temple is famous for its Udbhava linga which is worshipped by many people who visit the temple. The AthareGange is a small well or reservoir that is situated at the exit of the temple. This reservoir is supposed to be sacred and pious. Pilgrims come here during the utsava season and bathe in the holy waters of the well before going for darshan.

Kalakeshwara Temple – Mythology

There is a story behind the Kalakeshwara temple. Every year, a miracle happens during Ugadi – a day that marks the New Year. According to legend a day before the New Year, the pujari of the Kalakeshwara temple makes a limestone mixture. A brush is placed close to this mixture within the temple. It is said that the next morning when the pujari opens the temple premises, it would be painted anew. This is said to happen every year.

In the year 1970, it was observed that the bells in the temple suddenly disappeared. Elders say that the bells vanished into the blue skies. It was during this period that the village was struck by plague. Villagers are of the opinion that the disappearance of the bells is a bad omen and this could be one of the reasons for the spread of the epidemic.

Kalakeshwara Temple – Architecture

The exquisite architecture of the temple is soothing to the eyes. You can see the beautiful paintings and carvings within the temple premises. The gopurams of the temple are extremely beautiful and one wonders how these have been crafted. The Virabhadra temple is yet another beautifully sculpted temple which is located within the Kalakeshwara temple premises.

Kalakeshwara Temple – Religious Significance

The water from the reservoir of the AthareGange continuously falls on the peepal tree throughout the year and no one has been able to identify the root source. It still remains a mystery.

How to Get to Kalakeshwara Temple

Tourists can get to Kalakeshwara Temple by road, rail and air. Bangalore airport is the closest one to Gajendragad. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation buses ply on these roads to the temple frequently. You can visit the temple during the months of March and February.

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