Kaup Light House

The main attraction at the Kaup beach is the Kaup Light House which was built by the British in 1901 on a 27.12m high rock. Built with an intention to guide and warn the sailors of the presence of dangerous rocks, Kaup Light House standing tall at a height of 100 ft, today serves as a great lookout point from where one scores a generous view of the coast as well as the expansive Arabian Sea.

The beach is best visited early morning or in the evening. It is too hot to be hanging out for the entire day. The temperatures being cooler during the monsoons the beach is much bearable. The sight from the lighthouse during the rains is also impressionable as one can feel the great intensity of waves crashing at the rocks on the shore.

The lighthouse is open for viewing only during the evening from 4 PM to 6 PM. Visitors can spend the day at the beach and head towards the lighthouse in the evening to bring a spectacular end to an exciting day. It takes not more than 30 minutes to reach Kaup from Udupi. There is a good frequency of buses plying to Kaup from places in and around.

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