Malpe Beach, Udupi

Approximately six kilometres to the West of Udupi is the town of Malpe – a well renowned port and fishing Harbour. Malpe beach is a famous tourist attraction. Every tourist who visits the beach swears by its beauty. One can enjoy the peace and quietude while taking a leisurely stroll on the silvery stretch of sand, flanked by the calm tides on one side and gracefully swaying palm trees on the other.Malpe Beach

While on most days the beach is sparsely populated, weekends see a rise of tourists and locals thronging the place for an enjoyable evening. In recent times, evening entertainment has added to the glory. One can rent seabikes, or take a camel ride in the cool breeze. There is also paragliding for those interested.

Malpe Beach Malpe

Quite close to the beach are four Islands known as St Mary’s Islands. Their unique geological formation of columnar basaltic lava sets them apart. As declared by the survey of India 2001, St. Mary’s Islands are one among 26 geological monuments of India. This place attracts a lot of geologists too.

Malpe Beach UdupiEven though there aren’t buildings or shops on the Island, tourists can certainly enjoy the untouched charm of the place. It takes one far from the humdrum of city life. There are covered pavilions with seats on the shore for tourists to enjoy the virginal beauty of the seascape.

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It is preferable that the visitors carry their own drinking water, and food items at these Islands. Also it is advised to take along sun protection gear such as sun screen, hats and sunglasses for climatic conditions. The fort on the Island of Daria-Bahadurgad is also visited by many.

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