Why do we offer Durva grass to Shree Ganesh?

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Durva is a special type of sacred grass. The word Durva is derived from the words duhu and avam. Duhuavam means that which is far away and means that which brings closer.

Durva grass Shree Ganesh

According to this meaning, Durva is that which brings the distant pure spiritual particles (pavitraks) of Shri Ganeshji closer. Durva are used in auspicious events and ritualistic worship of Deities, especially in the worship of Shri Ganesh ji

The below are the spiritual features of Durva

A) The process of absorption of the Deity’s Principle happens at its root

B) The Durva have the ability to absorb and emit the three Principles of Primal Shiva, Primal Shakti and Primal Ganesh.

C) Durva have the highest ability to attract the Ganesh Principle.
Its effect takes place in various ways. For example :

1. The Nirgun Ganesh Principle and pure Chaitanya are emitted through
the Durva in higher proportion.
2. The momentum of this emission is also higher.
3. The effect of the frequencies emitted by the Durva is on the subtlest,
that is, most subtle level.
4. The effect of the frequencies emitted by the Durva is on the gross
body, the subtle body and the causal body.

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Hence, Durva are offered to Shri Ganeshji.

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