Sita River – Hebri

  • Sita River Rafting
Sitanadi or the Sita river has gained quite a good name for its rafting activities in the previous decade.This wildly flowing river offers great potential for white water rafting.With a course of more than 60 kilometers before finally meeting the Arabian Sea, Sita river is a rough ride, especially during the monsoons.The entire course of the river traverses mostly through Agumbe – a beautiful rain forest land quietly snagged in the Western Ghats. Agumbe receives the highest rainfall in the South India, and hence the river gushes with force all year round.

This place is a must visit for rafting enthusiasts. One rafting session can take anywhere between 4 to 6 hours depending on the distance you choose to cover. Hence it would be advisable to devote an entire day to spend at the river. There are certified outfitters whom you can approach to plan out your white water rafting tour.They provide with all the necessary equipment for rafting,including the safety helmets and life jackets.

Those who are not too keen to go rafting can also enjoy the serene view with the background music of the roaring wild river. Agumbe is lined by some magnificent falls. Jogigundi falls is a small but impressive that visitors can enjoy.

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