Swacch Mangaluru

Swacch Mangalore gives Awareness towards keeping Mangalore clean. And is Started by Ramakrishna Mutt, Mangaluru. The Ramakrishna mutt Swamiji is giving awareness program to all joined peoples. And his aim to keep the Mangalore city clean. The Cleaning programs will be taken up every Sunday until July next

All Mangalore people join to Swacch Mangalore Abhiyan. And giving hand together to keep the Mangalore City clean. Now there are 40 teams; comprising 50-100 people as members in Swacch Mangalore abiyaan. The first set of 10 teams would work on first Sunday of each month;  the second set of 10 teams on the second Sunday; the third set on

third Sunday; and the fourth set on the fourth Sunday.

The mutt has identified 40 interested teams, who would be provided with cleaning material, including brooms, gloves etc. along with motivational T-shirts, banners and awareness literature. The mutt would also give each team Rs. 5,000 a month to execute minor repair work.

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