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Aghori Saints, Lifestyle and Rituals


The Aghori (Sanskrit aghora) are ascetic Shaiva sadhus. AGHORI's are called cannibals by some, while some view them as dirty sect which destroys the image of Hinduism in the world. The Aghori are known to engage in post-mortem rituals. They are the one of the most well-known iconic symbols of

History of Nandi (Bull)

According to some puranas, Nandi was born to sage Shilada who got him by the grace of Shiva.It was Nandi who cursed Ravana (the demon King of Lanka) that his kingdom would be burnt by a monkey (Vanara). And later Hanuman burnt Lanka when he went in search of Sita,

Ekadasha Rudra Mantra

Ekadasha Rudra Mantra

Ekadasha Rudra Mantra is a set of eleven Mantras. These Mantras are used to worship Lord Shiva in his various forms. These Mantras correspond to the months in a year. You will reap more benefits if you chant the Mantra specified for your month. But all the eleven Mantras can

Shiva Aparadha Kshamapana Stotram

By Adi Shankara Translated By Swamini Sadvidyananda Saraswati Aadau karmaprasangaat, kalayati kalushham, maatrikukshau-sthitam maam, Vin-muutraa-medhya-madhye, kathayati nitaraam, jaatharo jaatavedaah, Yadyadvai tatra duhkham, vyathayati nitaraam, shakyate kena vaktum, Kshantavyo me aparaadhah, Shiva Shiva Shiva bho Shrii Mahaadeva Shambho., 1Due to the my previous birth karmas, I was born inside my mother’s womb, And placed between

Interesting Facts about Famous Indian Temples

Interesting is there is one common fact between all these prominent temples.1. Kedarnath 2. Kaleshwaram 3. Srikalahasti 4. Kanchipuram 5. Thiruvanaikaval 6. Tiruvannamalai 7. Chidambaram 8.RameswaramThe above temples are Shiva temples. And these temples have located on almost same longitude. They all are located in 79° longitude. These temples exist for thousands of years when no satellite