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Temples of Udupi Taluk and Udupi District

1. Shri Krishna Temple, Udupi 2. Shri Ananteshwara Temple, Udupi 3. Shri Chandramauleshwara Temple, Udupi 4. Shri Mahisha Mardini Temple, Kadiyali 5. Shri Durga Temple, Indrali 6. shri Mahisha Mardini Temple, Bailur 7. shri Durga Temple, Kannarpadi 8. Shri Mahisha Mardini Temple, Kunjar Near Pajaka Kshetra 9. Shri Panatha Padmanabha Temple, Near M.G.M. College, Paniyadi 10. Shri Venkataramana Temple,

Interesting Facts about Famous Indian Temples

Interesting is there is one common fact between all these prominent temples.1. Kedarnath 2. Kaleshwaram 3. Srikalahasti 4. Kanchipuram 5. Thiruvanaikaval 6. Tiruvannamalai 7. Chidambaram 8.RameswaramThe above temples are Shiva temples. And these temples have located on almost same longitude. They all are located in 79° longitude. These temples exist for thousands of years when no satellite

Somnath Temple – Gujarath Top Temple

Somnath is the first and most sacred of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. According to the legend the Hindu moon god known as Soma built a temple entirely of gold to pay reverence to the lord’s glory and compassion and the temple came to be known as the Somnath

Kerala Temples: Mighty Seek at Glorious Temples of Kerala

 Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple: Kerala embraces all sorts of religion from Hinduism to Jainism and hold marvelous temples and churches, visited by devotees from different parts of the world. One among these temples is Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple situated in the heart of capital city Trivandrum. The temple is known

Ananta – Vasudeva Temple

Built in 13th century AD by Queen Chandrika of Eastern Ganga dynasty, Ananta – Vasudeva Temple is the second most popular religious destination in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. One of the few Vaishnavite temples in Bhubaneswar, this religious site enshrines the idols of Lord Jagannath, Balarama and Shubhadra. Bindu Sagar Lake lies on

64 Yoginis Temple

Located at a distance of around 15km from Bhubaneswar, 64 Yoginis Temple is a must see must explore tourist attractions in Bhubaneswar. Situated at Hirapur, this temple was built in 9-10th century AD and is dedicated to Yoginis, the attendant of the great Goddess. The temple gets immense importance among the

Brahmeshwar Temple

Built at the end of 9th century AD, Brahmeshwar Temple is considered among the most fascinating tourist attractions in Bhubaneswar. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is brought out in mature Orissan style and looks stunning with its minute detailing. The temple is classified as a panchatanaya temple. In this type

Bhaskareshwar Temple

One of the best places to visit in Bhubaneswar, Bhaskareshwar Temple is a two storied Shiva shrine standing with abundance architectural opulence. Certainly distinctive from the other Shiva temples in Bhubaneswar, this Hindu religious attraction houses a 2.74 meter (9 feet)-Shiva Linga inside. The temple style bears the reminiscence of


It is customary to visit this ancient temples of Udupi before entering the famous Krishna Temple. Anantheshwara temple has great spiritual and historical significance. Parents of Sri Madhvacharya (called NADILLAYAs) had worshipped the Deity of this temple continuously for 12 years to beget a child. The great Acharya was born in fulfillment

Admar Mutt – Udupi

Adamar Mutt is located in the South West corner of the car Street. The main branch of this Mutt is in the village known as Adamar. Admar is a village in the Udupi district and is 21 Kms from Udupi.   The Acharya Madhva had gifted an idol of Kaliyamardana Krishna with