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Kudlu Theertha Falls

Kudlu Theertha Falls is a picturesque waterfall located at a distance of 42 Km from Udupi near Hebri.Kudlu Theertha Falls is located amid jungles of Western Ghats in Udupi district and recognized as the first waterfall of river Sita.The water falls from a height of 126 feet directly to the

Top Places To Visit In Udupi

Udupi is a city and the headquarters of the Udupi District in the Indian state of Karnataka. Udupi is famous for the Krishna temple located here. It also lends its name to the Udupi cuisine which is famous across the world. Temples of Udupi District in the Karnataka state are popular

Temples of Udupi Taluk and Udupi District

1. Shri Krishna Temple, Udupi 2. Shri Ananteshwara Temple, Udupi 3. Shri Chandramauleshwara Temple, Udupi 4. Shri Mahisha Mardini Temple, Kadiyali 5. Shri Durga Temple, Indrali 6. shri Mahisha Mardini Temple, Bailur 7. shri Durga Temple, Kannarpadi 8. Shri Mahisha Mardini Temple, Kunjar Near Pajaka Kshetra 9. Shri Panatha Padmanabha Temple, Near M.G.M. College, Paniyadi 10. Shri Venkataramana Temple,

Pajaka Kshetra, Udupi

Pajaka Kshetra, has the birth place of Sri Madhwacharya, situated seven miles south-east of Udupi Kunjaru hill, near Pajaka a famous Durga Temple on its top. This hill is also known as `Durga betta'. On its four sides are four holy teerthas or tanks created by Lord Parashurama. On the

History of Shivalli and Shivalli Brahmin (Tulu Brahamin)

Shivalli (Tulu/Kannada:ಶಿವಳ್ಳಿ) is a place near Udupi, in the state of Karnataka in southern India. Shivalli has been long famous for its proximity to the Sri Krishna Temple, located in Udupi and for Udupi itself. Shivalli in fact, is a village between Udupi and Manipal. The town of Manipal was earlier under Shivalli grama (village) panchayat and later came under Udupi municipality.Shivalli

How Lord Krishna Came to Udupi

The amazing account of how one of India’s greatest saints met a beguiling Krishna Deity of a bygone era. The holy town of Udupi lies on the Arabian Sea in the South Indian state of Karnataka. The town is famous as a place of pilgrimage because of the temple Sri Krishna

Kaup Light House

The main attraction at the Kaup beach is the Kaup Light House which was built by the British in 1901 on a 27.12m high rock. Built with an intention to guide and warn the sailors of the presence of dangerous rocks, Kaup Light House standing tall at a height of


It is customary to visit this ancient temples of Udupi before entering the famous Krishna Temple. Anantheshwara temple has great spiritual and historical significance. Parents of Sri Madhvacharya (called NADILLAYAs) had worshipped the Deity of this temple continuously for 12 years to beget a child. The great Acharya was born in fulfillment

Malpe Beach – Malpe

Approximately six kilometres to the West of Udupi is the town of Malpe - a well renowned port and fishing Harbour. Malpe beach is a famous tourist attraction. Every tourist who visits the beach swears by its beauty. One can enjoy the peace and quietude while taking a leisurely stroll

Shri Krishna Temple Udupi

Shri Krishna Temple Udupi is first among the seven places of pilgrimages. Thousands of pious devotees draw to Udupi Krishna temple all round the year to catch a glance of Lord Krishna. This famous temple has a charming idol of Lord Krishna that is richly decorated with jewels. The unique characteristic